Protecting your family from Asthma, by Interior Designer, Anita Shirley

23 Nov 2020

Harrisons are immensely proud to announce their new flooring options for healthier living for you and your loved ones.

New Zealand has one of the worst asthma and respiratory rates of any developed country and the quality of our flooring directly relates to the quality of the air we breathe.

Our 4 new ranges include Sensitive Breeze, Sensitive Cloud, Sensitive Inspire& Sensitive Ultra. All holding the Sensitive Choice approval, by the National Asthma Council's Sensitive Choice programme. Harrisons Sensitive Choice approved carpet ranges have been designed to ensure the air remains as pure as possible.

They are specifically engineered to be a better choice, not only for those with asthma and allergy, but anyone wanting a healthier indoor environment. Using the most up-to-date non-allergenic technology, Harrisons offers the preferred carpet for New Zealand homes.

Other benefits of our Sensitive Choice carpets:

Durability: Easybac™ backing on Sensitive Choice approved carpets provides improved dimensional stability and bond strength while adding thermal and acoustic insulation properties. The woven soft cloth backing contains recycled material and protects skirting boards and walls from damage during installation.

Tip: Everyone knows the importance of roof insulation but many people forget about the importance of flooring insulation. Houses lose around 10% of their warmth through the floors which equates to 10% on your energy bills!

Antimicrobial protection

Sensitive Choice approved carpets are treated with Ultra-fresh™ antimicrobial technology.

They have passed the most stringent international tests while being independently monitored to ensure their effectiveness continues. Ultra-fresh™ treatment on Sensitive Choice approved carpets inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi and does not allow dust mites and carpet beetles to breed.

Tip: Carpet beetles, though not dangerous, are very destructive if they make their way into your home. Female carpet beetles lay around 50 to 100 eggs per litter and they love to eat every natural fibre in sight! Carpet beetles are attracted to pollen so we recommend cutting pollinating plants near windows and remove spider webs near your home where carpet beetles take shelter.

Naturally absorbs odours

Active Care™ salt-based treatment means Sensitive Choice approved carpets eradicate common household odours like pet odour and cigarette smell. It doesn't leach and is safe for the environment.

Tip: Research tells us over 50% of New Zealanders owning either a cat or dog (or both), leaving our carpets with odour build-up. So, if you have a pet that shreds or smell regularly, this is the option for you.

Appearance retention

Resistain SDN™ is the latest generation of solution-dyed nylon yarns built for demanding residential areas. Designed to withstand New Zealand’s harsh conditions, Resistain SDN™ is UV stabilised and offers maximum protection from spills.

Tip: Also consider sunscreen blinds for your home. Not only do they offer 100% privacy during the day, they protect your flooring & furniture by blocking up to 95% of harsh UV rays as well.

Stain resistance

Sensitive Choice approved carpets come with anti-soiling properties, added stain resistance, as well as oil and water repellent to keep your carpet clean and looking good for the years ahead.

Tip: Although stain-resistant, it is best to clean up any spills immediately. Remember to blot the carpet, do not rub it as this will damage the fibres and cause the carpet to matt.

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