5 tips to protect your carpet this winter

04 May 2022

Winter is just around the corner, and we all know what this means. Wet, cold, and more dirt and germs getting into your home carried in on your footwear. All of this can easily can wreak havoc on your carpet.

We prepared five tips to get your carpet ready for the upcoming season.

Invest in doormats

Placing sturdy mats at all entries will encourage friends and family to wipe their feet. Seems obvious, right? But surprisingly, many houses still go without them during the wet and cold months.

Good quality mats quickly catch the most dirt and moisture before getting lost under the carpet fibres. Just remember to keep them clean, so debris doesn’t end up throughout the home.

Take off your shoes

It’s a great habit to get into. Taking off your shoes upon entry significantly reduces the staining and wearing that your carpet endures.

It also makes your home a safer place to live in. Infectious germs, chemicals and other harmful substances easily attach to the soles of your shoes while you are walking outdoors and then get into your home.

Set up a dedicated shoe area by the door and change to slippers each time to maintain a cleaner and healthier home.

Keep your outside area clean

A clean and tidy area outside of your home is crucial. When your front step or deck is covered in leaves or dirt, they will find their way into your home by pets, guests and family. Keeping your entries as clean as possible reduces the amount of debris coming in.

Vacuum regularly

Not everyone loves vacuuming. We get it - but it’s the best way to keep your carpets clean.

During the warm season, you need to vacuum at least once a week. In winter, more is better. In fact, doing this once a day will go a long way towards preventing damage.

Vacuuming removes the dirt particles before they are embedded in the carpet pile. Focus primarily on high traffic areas. Regular vacuuming is essential for prolonging the life of your carpet floors and maintaining their look.

Deep clean your carpets pre-winter

Price tag

Allowing dirt to remain on the carpet can damage it. Regular and frequent vacuum cleaning will help, but unfortunately, removing all of the dirt grains deep down in the fibre using only consumer-grade tools is impossible. This is why you should professionally clean your floors at least once per winter. A professional cleaning company will remove the deep-down dirt that could damage the carpet fibres and improve the cushioning and look.

Winter can be a tough time on your carpet flooring. Our tips and smart planning will help to protect it better.

And don’t forget to look at our cleaning products shop. A carefully curated product range will increase the lifespan of your carpet and save your pockets.

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