Best flooring options for kids

04 May 2022
Best flooring options for kids

No matter how old your child is, there will always be concerns over them causing wear and tear on your flooring. Do muddy shoes and toys being thrown ring a bell? Is this something you see in the foreseeable future? Well, then we’re guessing you've probably already begun searching for the most appropriate flooring for kids. Of course, your new flooring should not only be safe for your children but should also be able to withstand the tough times that they will endure. Keep reading for more information on the most suitable type of flooring for your children.

Consider the following aspects while selecting kid-friendly flooring:

  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Easy to clean/maintain
  • Resistance to stains
  • Resistance to scratches
  • Resistance to water

Carpet flooring for a kids' room

Carpet flooring with cushioning capabilities, softness underfoot, and natural sound-absorbing and insulating features, can make it an excellent choice for families with children. It will keep your kids warm, is cosy and soft underfoot, and provides better padding to help prevent harm from the inevitable spills and falls that children have around the house. It's a particularly excellent choice for stairwells, where slip and fall incidents are more likely, and for kids bedrooms, as it provides the softness, warmth, and insulation that are great for children's sleeping areas.

Remember that lighter-coloured carpets show dirt more quickly, so a darker, more forgiving carpet may be preferable.

Because carpet traps dust and allergens, if you have children who suffer from asthma or allergies, you would be advised tovacuum your floor weekly to keep dust and dirt at bay. Adeep carpet cleaning every 12–18 months, or consider other allergy friendly options would also be advised

Laminate flooring for a kids' room

If you prefer the look of hardwood, laminate floors are a good choice. Laminate flooring is a terrific kid-friendly option with numerous benefits. To begin with, it is less expensive than hardwood, making it a good option for parents seeking a high-end look at an affordable price.

Laminate flooring also contains a protective scratch-resistant layer and is indentation-resistant, which means it may guard against dropped objects. It's also water and stain-resistant and very easy to clean in case of spilt drinks or sticky tiny hands. All you need is a vacuum cleaner, a broom, and a damp mop. It's also an excellent choice for children with asthma or allergies.

Luxury Vinyl Tile or Plank flooring for kids' room

Another fantastic family-friendly flooring option is luxury vinyl planks or tiles. Vinyl floor covering is tough to rip, tear, or damage. Meantime it's easy to clean, and maintain, so you won't have to worry about the inevitable spills and stains that come with having kids. Vinyl floors' don't have the same cushioning capabilities as carpet, but it still has a considerably softer surface than hardwood, laminate, or tiles, making it more forgiving to falls.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is highly trendy, comes in various textures, colours, and tones, and is far less expensive than hardwood floors. So you can get an impressive timber-like appearance for a reasonable price, plus all the practical benefits of vinyl at a fraction of the cost.

Need help with kid-friendly flooring?

We all want to live in a house where our family members feel safe and happy. So, whether you're planning a new nursery, renovating a den or playroom for your kids, or redoing your kitchen, keep in mind that your local Harrisons Carpet & Flooring local business owners, are ready to help. Allow them to walk you through all of their fantastic kid-friendly flooring selections so you can concentrate on making memories.

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