Celebrating mothers at Harrisons!

04 May 2022
Nicola and Lawrence Warrington, Harrisons Carpet & Hard Flooring business owners in Rotorua

What a perfect time to celebrate all the amazing mums out there! We're putting the spotlight on the awesome business owner and Mum, Nicola Warrington, Harrisons Carpet & Flooring business owner in Rotorua.

Nicola owns the Rotorua business with her husband Lawrence and is the proud mother of her two young men - Sam and Ethan.

Sam and Ethan both also work for the Harrisons Rotorua dream team, as the reliable flooring installers. With all the family involved in the business, the Warrington family really have the Harrisons family spirit and are proud of it!

We spoke to Sam and Ethan about what it is like to work for the family business, and what they had to say about mum (Nicola) for Mothers Day!

What are the benefits of working for Harrisons as a family unit?

“Not many people can say they get to work with their families every day. You can count on Mum always being an energetic and positive person to be around. It makes work something to look forward to, you know you can rely on everyone turning up and doing the best job. It’s a great dynamic.”

What’s it like working for mum and what is she like as a businesswoman?

“She's a hard worker, that's for sure. Mum is a funny, bubbly and outgoing person, always positive and cares about everyone. People always mention that she has great communication, on top of everything and a pleasure to work with. We’re a solid unit, learning curves and all but you know you through thick and thin we all stick together.”

Any work perks, working for mum?

“Of course, being our mum she always makes the work environment a great place to be. Not to mention a home-cooked lunch, you can always rely on mum for an epic chicken sandwich!”

How will you be celebrating mothers day

“She will probably read this and we want to keep it a little surprise for her. But yes, we will be celebrating mum and have something in store for her on Sunday.”

Any last words?

“Mum is a wonderful woman and a pleasure to work with. She's a great role model, we’re very lucky!”

Lastly, we asked Nicola: What does it mean to you as a Harrison business owner with your husband Lawrence, to have both your sons working within the family company? Here's what she had to say:

The Warrington family at their warehouse in Rotorua

“Owning our own business with Harrisons has given us a great lifestyle, especially to work with our sons. It has given both of our sons the opportunity to become contractors, become experienced and qualified in the trade and given them a good supply of work. We hope that one day they will take over the business that we have all grown together as a family. We truly appreciate seeing our boys and consider it a privilege to get to see them every day. They are extremely hardworking and conscientious, we are so very proud of them and the work they do.”

The Warrington family at their warehouse in Rotorua
(listed from left to right)
Lawrence, family dog Millie, Ethan, Nicola, family dog Ruby and Sam

Harrisons are truly proud to be a Kiwi family owned and run business through and through. However you celebrate Mothers Day, we wish all the mothers out there a “Happy Mothers Day” from the Harrisons family.

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