What carpet goes with blue walls?

23 Feb 2022
What carpet goes with blue walls?

Have you thought about painting the walls in your room blue? At Harrisons, we totally understand why; blue is a timeless choice that can create various styles and atmospheres you want to achieve.

In this blog, we will look at the different carpet shades and discuss what you can achieve with these carpet-wall colour combinations.

Blue walls and grey carpet

More and more Kiwis opt for grey carpet flooring. It is an achromatic, neutral colour, it matches nearly any colour perfectly, and blue is not an exemption.

Pair dark blue walls with dark grey flooring like our Cromwell 750 to create a more intimate atmosphere in a room. Being in a space designed in the dark and deeper shades can make you feel safer and cosier. It works exceptionally well in bedrooms and suits formal living rooms and dining rooms.

Select pale grey carpets, such as Glenorchyin shade 705, if you want to lighten your dark blue walls slightly.

Blue walls and beige carpet

Beige or creme coloured flooring and blue walls are soothing, aren't they? Reminds you about sand and the ocean. Adding beige brings a sense of lightness to a room.

Harrisons interior designer team believes it makes beige flooring from Lindis Valley range a perfect option for your living room or bedroom.

Remember that lighter shades of beige carpet can be harder to keep clean. If you are concerned about keeping your flooring clean, consider a darker beige like Glenorchy 905 and don't forget to have a look at the Karcher SE 5.100 carpet cleaner.

Blue walls and blue carpet

How to make blue even more perfect? Add some more blue! A monochromatic room leaves various accent possibilities for other decorative elements. Therefore, the blue walls and carpet will serve as a background if you want to make a statement through other decor.

Our designers suggest opting for deep blues: sapphire or navy blue carpet if the walls are of a lighter shade of blue or the opposite.

We believe the best place to choose the right shade of flooring is your own home. Ask our local business owners to show you Rossini 880 full-sized swatch for better understanding how it suits your perfect blue walls shade.

Blue walls and brown carpet

Brown wool is the best choice if you don't want it to outshine the blue paint of walls or furniture. Brown is a warm colour, which means it balances out the cool tones in blue nicely. Also, it's one of the most practical options as it hides stains and dirt easier than pale-coloured flooring, which means it could last longer before they are replaced. It makes brown carpets an excellent choice for common areas of the home, like a living room.

Harrisons suggests choosing a darker shade of brown like Tararua 2 shade 270 for pale blue walls to ground the room and provide contrast. For a room with dark blue walls, golden brown as Tararua 2 in shade 360 will work the best.

Why Harrisons?

Harrisons are a Resene paint colour partner - we come to you, bringing Resene paint colour coded carpet and hard flooring. We'll show you a suite of colours that will enable you to match your flooring, walls, accents (e.g. architraves, window frames), and even feature walls.

Using colour contrasts and complementary hues, Harrisons colour schemes are on-trend and will last a lifetime.

Let's find your perfect colour scheme!

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